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Digital Courses.

Accessible Anywhere, anytime
Availlable on PC and Mobile Devices

Learn the wisdom of handling your
finances with the peace of mind

Digital courses

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
Availlable on PC and Mobile Devices

Learn the wisdom of handling your
finances with the peace of mind

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This course will illuminate five basic steps to achieve financial peace in our lives. They will bring you to a sequential step that you can easily follow and have been designed for the general Filipino in mind. Finance practitioners may find this course devoid of many of the usual finance jargon and complicated theories, but this is not created for them — this course is designed for you! 


Randell makes finance personal! If you want to learn basic and foundational wisdom on how can handle, maintain and manage your money this online course is for you. If you do not have the time to attend classroom workshops or you do not like reading books but want to learn more about how you can better your finances this online course is for you. As the economy is shifting, it’s time that you develop new money skills to make you better and adapt in this new normal. Happy learning!
Marvin Germo
“This platform is a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for everyone who wants to learn the right and time tested way to navigate and manage their personal finance regardless on where they are right now on their Financial Journey. This kind of platform is what our School System in the Philippines need and the fact that Biblical Verses are integrated into the learning process makes it more engaging”
Ben Lebig
As always, Randell’s approach to personal finance is practical and simple to execute. This new platform gives a great opportunity for many people to make a change in their lives for the better. Truly, this is one of the blessings brought about by the pandemic.
Rex Mendoza
This course is the perfect platform for many Filipinos to start learning proper personal finance with step-by-step guidance, wherever they are and whenever they have the time to study. Randell simply has the gift to simplify personal finance for every Filipino, and this course he makes personal finance even more personal for every Filipino.
Garett Maralit, RFP
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